Representing the Brazilian

Organics & Sustainables Segment

Organis is the Brazilian Council for Organic and Sustainable Production, a legal institution of representative operation created to cater to the interests of the organic and sustainable production chain.

As a legitimate interface for producers, processors, companies and entrepreneurs, the entity seeks to unify the organic segment through the implementation of programs to promote development and identify commercial opportunities in the market. By building comprehensive representation, Organis also works to meet the needs of the final consumer too.

In addition to producers and farmers, small cooperatives and large business and producer associations, Organis also tries to bring together the economic agents of the secondary sector, such as processing companies and service providers. Organis has been working to include the support provided members of the civil society, who work and contribute to the promotion of the sector´s development, by increasing the awareness that only through active participation in an organization designed to develop the sector will it be possible to build a common path.

Bioma Pantanal

Organis represents all of those who share the same vision: making the Organic & Sustainable production chain in Brazil a commercially strong sector, while respecting the values ​​aimed at maintaining human life, protecting the environment and imbued with social responsibility